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YUNYAN Textured Paint (Babara Pattern)

Time:2020-06-11 Click:306
The construction procedures of the cement stucco paint are main two steps, the bottom layer and finished layer, the construction of the bottom layer is the same as the normal wall paint steps completely, the seal primer firstly. To the finished layer, first to clean all the tools before construction to avoid color vestige, color mixer and quality defects. Second to pour a bag of pigment into 2.5kg water and mix evenly, filter the mixture into a 18L bucket, then pour 10kg of the cement stucco powder into the 18L bucket, stir with electric stirrer until the water and powder to be an appropriate and consistent paste state, leave the paste for 5 minutes. Third to use a scrape knife to scrape the paste onto the wall as thin as possible, when the 1st layer dried then can start to scrape the 2nd layer, the standard of the dryness is that there is nothing on your fingers if you touch the paint on the wall, initial dry is 5 minutes at 25 degree in normal conditions on site. Forth to process the texture and patterns, rub the surface with a transparent plastic mop in the same direction circularly and intensively. Press and tidy the mud after initial dry, first time press and tidy slightly, the 2nd time heavily, try to press the paint to be smooth and solid. At last, brush the transparent protection paint on the surface for 1 or 2 times for dust and dirt proofing.