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Thin-set Plaster Mortar and Polishing Skim coat Wall Putty

Time:2020-06-11 Click:495
Yunyan new technology and construction thin-set plaster mortar is for filling the brick and block on the concrete cement wall, it is also the base coat wall putty for interior and external dry wall base leveling, can be applied by scraping or plastering, minimum thickness is only 2mm, no need to put steel mesh inside for reinforcement. Patch where it is necessary with base coat wall putty for one time, such as the hole and uneven substrate, then apply polishing skim coat putty in one direction, it means you must apply wall putty with scraper from up to down or from down to up back and forth, but just one direction from start to the end. You can also use the scraper to apply the mortar on the wall.