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Acrylic Textured Paint (sand effect)

Time:2020-06-11 Click:309
Acrylic Textured paint is water based, paste state, ready to use, premixed acrylic polymer product with high solids, highly flexible aggregate textured finish coating. It is designed for application on dry wall, masonry, and other properly prepared surfaces where durability, weather resistance and a decorative appearance is desired for interior and exterior. First to level the base plane with base coat wall putty, the final setting time is 48 hours. Second to apply the primer to seal and solid the substrate, dry time is 12 hours. Third to scraper the textured paint onto the wall for 2 times. Forth to use a special wood block to scratch and rub on the paint to make the surface rough, wait for 24 hours until it is dry totally. Final to apply the transparent protection paint to make the textured paint more durable.