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Handsome customer Mr. Umar from Pakistan visited our factory

Time:2018-11-19 Click:419

On November 9, 2018, handsome customer Mr. Umar from Pakistan visited our factory, he is very young, 25 years old, just finished 2 years study in England last year and take over his father’s company this year, though he is a new guy on the construction career, he is very aspirant. On the morning of that day, we picked him up from the hotel then drove directly to panyu factory and arrived at about 10 am. Mr. Umar looked over the office, lab room, workshop and warehouse in the accompany of us, he had so many questions and interests on constructions projects and products, fortunately, our manager has over 18 years of experience about chemical building materials, and gave professional solutions, it looked that Mr. Umar was quite satisfied about the answers. At about 12am, we had lunch together on the MaoDeGong, a famous restaurant in Panyu district, Mr. Umar likes fresh steamed fish and kung pao chicken very much, after finished lunch, we took a walk at the quiet and beautiful park of MaoDeGong. At about 13:30 pm, we went back to the factory and had some red tea, Mr. Umar also enjoyed the Chinses Red tea, during that time, we communicated the price and quality about the Polyurethane joint sealant and epoxy grout. At about 15pm, we left the factory and went back to his hotel in Guangzhou at 16 pm. Wait for the good news from Mr. Umar soon!

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